Our mission at Larkspur Middle School is to support and speak on behalf of children and youth in Larkspur, in the community and before government bodies and other organizations that make decisions affecting children; to assist parents in developing the skills they need to raise and protect their children and to encourage parent and public involvement in Larkspur and other public schools of this nation.

Being at PTA member does not mean you have to come to every PTA meeting or volunteer. The membership fees that are collected each year help to provide financial support to a variety of programs and incentives for our students.

Larkspur PTA Officers

Tara Campbell - President
Amy Rushing - Vice President
Ann Robertson - Recording Secretary
Natoya Kelly - Treasurer


The LKMS PTA relies on our many volunteers. Whether you have five minutes or an entire day, we value your commitment to our school. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the Request to Volunteer and return it with your student.

Request to Volunteer

PTA Membership

The LKMS PTA utilizes your PTA membership dues in a variety of ways throughout the school year. We pay our State and National dues ($3.50 total per person) and use the remaining funds for student programs and events, assemblies and teacher and staff appreciation events, etc. While we understand you may not have time to donate to the LKMS PTA, your membership fees do go along way in support Larkspur Middle School, it's staff, students and their families.


For any questions you may have about the LKMS PTA, please contact us at [email protected].  You can also like us on Facebook